22 February 2010

I recently had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with some past clients of mine, Gemma and Mick, and their new little baby girl, Charlotte.  I shot their wedding 2 years ago, a beautiful Christmas wedding in Womborne, and so it was fab to be meeting up with them again and to meet their little angel.

The session started really well, with Charlotte sleeping through most of it, but it soon turned tricky when the little beauty decided to scream at the top of her little lungs LOL

We hung in there and managed to capture some cute facial expressions … and so, a few from the session, including some lovely little details from her bedroom …

2 February 2010

Twitter truly is an amazing little social media resource.  I have “met” so many great characters on there, people who can make me laugh, make me think, make me sad, make me happy, all in the space of 140 characters.

A few weeks ago I exchanged a little banter with Cris Mitchell, founder and owner of a wonderful online resource for professional photographers, ProPhotoResource.  I hadn’t had the time to really check out the site, but as soon as I did I was drawn into the content … the contributors are all working pro photographers, all with a variety of experiences, all sharing some snippets of knowledge gained through the trial of fire that is being a professional photographer.  Gripping stuff.

Imagine my surprise and thrill when I was asked to become a regular contributor !!  Cris had gone off and taken a look at my work and liked what he saw.  I immediately said yes then thought “what on earth am I going to write about” LOL

So, I took a look at what I do, what I specialise in, I guess.  As many of my clients know, I specialise in winter weddings, with December being my second busiest month of the year.  Of course it made perfect sense to write about my experiences and show a few photos which illustrated my points.

And so, without further ado, my article has been published … you have to register with the site (its free) in order to get access to the member area and newsletters, but honestly it is so worth it. Click on the link I provided and go for it.

Oh, comments on my article are most welcome here … ideas for future articles are equally welcome.

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