You may remember Emma and Paul from their lovely, relaxed engagement shoot at Shugborough hall in the summer … well it was soon time for their glamorous wedding at Chatsworth House !  It was a grand affair, starting off with the girlies over at their place, some champagne and a killer pair of Jimmy Choos !  They opted for a church ceremony, then it was off to Chatsworth for the evening celebrations.  I had my first ever ride in a golf buggy and managed to have some alone time with the 2 of them (in fact, lots of time !) before heading back to capture the rest of the wedding, up to their first dance.

A few from their day … enjoy !

Chatsworth House Wedding Photographer

As a dog lover myself, I often encourage clients to bring their dogs on their engagement shoots or portrait sessions.  They are so much a part of the family, it just seems right to have them along.  And so this was the case when I met up with Adrienne and David for their shoot at Shugborough Estate (you all KNOW how much I love that place !!) … they are now married and so their lovely wedding photos will be featured here very soon … enjoy !

Staffordshire Portrait Photographer

I thought I’d give you all an awwwww moment on this gloriously sunny Wednesday (ok, it’s gloriously sunny HERE haha) … my BFF Becky recently folded and agreed to getting a puppy.  They had always had rescue (older) dogs before and so a puppy was a very new venture for them.  They felt that with their son George being only 7 it would be fab for him to grow up with a smaller dog, rather than bringing in one that is already bigger than him … very sensible.

So, enter Jerry,  very adorable and lively Collie cross (with what, we’re not sure, but I’m thinking Lab) … absolutely adorable, don’t you think?

Pet Portrait Photographer

With the current discussions going on around the World at the minute about Gay Marriage, I wanted to share an image and some words from a recent wedding I shot in Kent … if you were to ask me what I think of Gay Marriage, I think the fact that I enjoy shooting them should speak volumes.  I will show more from this wedding in weeks to come, it was beautiful … the boys were surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family from around the globe, they had 2 ceremonies and danced the night away in the grounds of James’ parents’ mansion house … the story of how they got together will bring a tear to the eye and give goosebumps … but you’ll have to wait (I know, I am evil LOL) …

In the meantime, I love this shot of them just as they arrived at the mansion house before the religious ceremony … they are already “legally” married at this point and they are so happy !  And handsome, right? (Sorry, they’re already taken !!)

I received this note from them this morning and it gave me the fuzzies …

“Dear Gill,

We received the album yesterday, and it is so so beautiful.  We were so thrilled.  We showed it to Ross (my best man if you remember) and he said it was the nicest album he had ever seen (and he has seen a lot).  Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on it — we will treasure it (of course) always.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Daniel and James xxxx”

The boys opted for a stunning matted album, hand built by yours truly, and I am thrilled that they love it and will treasure it forever (ok, they used the word “always” … you all know how I LOVE that !!)

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photographer

I am very often asked to second shoot for other photographers, usually larger weddings where a second eye or angle is needed.  Obviously when I’m free I jump at the chance to shoot with less pressure than on my own wedding days … and hey, it’s another chance to lift the cameras, meet some more amazing people and have some fun catching up with the primary photographer !

This shot was taken at a recent wedding at Alrewas Hayes, one of my fave venues!  They can cater for small, intimate weddings, right up to very large Indian weddings and the meals that come with those !  This was one of the latter, with some 450 guests (yes, that’s pretty small compared to some) in attendance.

I’ve chosen this one shot to show you as it was a chance for me to look at the top table speeches from a different angle, rather than the straight ahead approach I often use in order to get my safety shots … I moved a little to the right, as I could see the primary shooter was right in front … this is the best man / brother of the groom … his speech was well thought out, funny and a joy to listen to.  I love this shot as it looks as though he is either speaking, or performing … he looks equally suited to either.

Comments welcome !!

Please check out my portfolio here for more examples of my work … please note there is music on the site.

Alrewas Hayes wedding photographer

It’s funny how one word can get you off and thinking …

I managed to be one of the lucky few who got the last Harry Potter DVD delivered a day ahead of release, so of course as soon as it arrived I looked at it with longing and waited patiently until I had built another album, designed an album, checked in on FB, responded to numerous emails … and did my housework … I know, I know, I don’t know how I managed to delay it, I hadn’t seen it yet, I waited.

I’m a sentimental soul, I am affected deeply by certain things and I am loyal to the core.   This is what is known as a codicil.

So, I sat and watched … I laughed, I cheered, I roared “YES” and I cried … wait, I SOBBED.  I’m going to clear that up in a second.

I rebranded with my “Love, Life” strapline … why?   Well, I love life, I shoot LOVE and I shoot LIFE … and I respect both.  I am appreciative of my Life and what I have been through and achieved in my (ahem) xx years … I am appreciative of those around me … BUT

One word cropped up a couple of times in the HP movie … that word was ALWAYS.  Both times, it got me sobbing to the core, thinking “OMG I would LOVE to have someone who is there for ME always”.

I know, right?

So, I’m sitting sobbing quietly, the movie credits are rolling, and John (my long-suffering other half) says “whats up” … so I tell him what I just told you guys and say “I would dearly love to have someone, anyone, say they would be there for me always, just one person”.

(Grab some hankies ladies)

John looked at me and said, in his usual casual, offhand fashion … “Gill, don’t you know that I have always been there for you and I always will?” …

After 15 years together I am so thankful that someone has my back, no matter what.  What more can I ask for.

Have a fantastic weekend and December (Christmas month BTW!!) … and remember to tell your other half something nice every so often.

Thank you for reading this … Gill x

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