With the current discussions going on around the World at the minute about Gay Marriage, I wanted to share an image and some words from a recent wedding I shot in Kent … if you were to ask me what I think of Gay Marriage, I think the fact that I enjoy shooting them should speak volumes.  I will show more from this wedding in weeks to come, it was beautiful … the boys were surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family from around the globe, they had 2 ceremonies and danced the night away in the grounds of James’ parents’ mansion house … the story of how they got together will bring a tear to the eye and give goosebumps … but you’ll have to wait (I know, I am evil LOL) …

In the meantime, I love this shot of them just as they arrived at the mansion house before the religious ceremony … they are already “legally” married at this point and they are so happy !  And handsome, right? (Sorry, they’re already taken !!)

I received this note from them this morning and it gave me the fuzzies …

“Dear Gill,

We received the album yesterday, and it is so so beautiful.  We were so thrilled.  We showed it to Ross (my best man if you remember) and he said it was the nicest album he had ever seen (and he has seen a lot).  Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on it — we will treasure it (of course) always.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Daniel and James xxxx”

The boys opted for a stunning matted album, hand built by yours truly, and I am thrilled that they love it and will treasure it forever (ok, they used the word “always” … you all know how I LOVE that !!)

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photographer

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