10 January 2010

My last wedding before Christmas was again shot with Chris Meyer, right before he headed to Heathrow to catch his flight back to the States.  It as touch and go whether or not he would make the getaway as that is really when the snow started causing havoc !

Before I launch into the wedding day, I’d like to share a story about Paul, my groom.  Those readers in the UK (and perhaps some overseas readers) will remember the tragic events that unfolded in London on 7th July 2005, when bombings killed 52 people and injured 750.  Paul was in London that day and had been moved out of the underground along with all the other passengers because of an “incident” on the line.  He was walking towards Paddington Station when he came across the aftermath of the Edgeware bombing.  Paul has previously trained as a firefighter and all his instincts kicked in.  He set up a “safe zone” for the injured and started helping people out of the melee.  At one point, he was snapped by a few paps and this one shot would later appear in hundreds of newspapers around the globe.  Probably one of the most famous of these is the cover of Time magazine.  So, my groom, the reluctant hero !

There was a little incident in the week leading up to the wedding … Alex called to let me know she had a massive allergic reaction to her Christmas tree !!!  She was given super-strength pills and the swelling had started to go down, but we knew we would have to work carefully with angles through the day … when I arrived, she looked great, having had her makeup professionally done.

Thankfully that was the end of all the drama … the day was filled with fun and frivolity and a LOT of snow.  Moxhull Hall is a gorgeous venue with stunning countryside views and a gorgeous contemporary interior.

A few favourites from the day …

Paul lost it when Alex started walking up the aisle …

It’s not often I make the blog, but this bridesmaid was coooooold …

Random … some ex-neighbours of mine were guests !

Additional thanks need to go out to Matt Wagster who came along to look after Tess … this was a weekday wedding and we don’t “do” kennels

Guys … thanks for having us along, for so much fun and for being so patient while we all posed you this way and that ! Here’s to many happy years together.

All images Copyright 2024 Gill Taylor Photographer ... please don’t steal them, it’s not nice !