I get enquiries for dates I am already booked all the time.  Of course I hear you say.  Rather than just go back and say, sorry I’m booked, I like to check within my professional network to see if I can at least go back with some recommendations, specifically with recommendations of photographers who are available.

I got a rather panicky email from a bride (and separately the groom, within minutes of each other) today and so I did my usual.

I got this from the bride, who wanted to give me a testimonial !!!

Absolutely delighted, thank you Alex, this is lovely.

“This wonderful woman went above and beyond the call of duty when I had my photographer cancel on me with a few months to go before my big bank holiday weekend wedding. I was obviously in a blind panic due to the fact it had taken me four months to find the first one but, there was Gill Taylor. Although she was already booked for that day herself, she responded to my email within seconds, had called me within minutes and had sent a list of recommendations within half an hour – Proof that this lady I have never met has what it takes to be a wedding photographer. Not only are her photos really very pretty, she is kind, conscientious, diligent and organised and has a marvellous knack for de-stressing bridezillas in their moments of madness. I’m just peeved I didn’t go to her first.”

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

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