3 April 2010

Carolyn and Adam are getting married in May and to say their wedding plans are complicated would be an understatement … Carolyn is from the US, Adam is from the UK, they both currently live and work in Germany and so of course there are lots of legalities for them to work through to ensure they can get married in the UK ! Phew, I don’t envy them, but honestly Carolyn is soooo organised, they’re getting through it all one step at a time.

So when they were in the UK last week, sorting through some red tape, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to get together for a short shoot. Pre wedding sessions are a great way for me to get together with my clients, many of whom I will not have seen for a long time (since they booked, anything up to 12 months !), to chat about the final plans and of course to get some photos of them together. I get to see how they react in front of the camera and of course it is a great opportunity for them to get used to me and having a camera pointed at them.

We managed to find some greenery as a backdrop (well, it has been nothing but dreary here recently, so any green is a treat !) and so here are a few faves from the shoot …

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