Dear Blog

I realise you are feeling very neglected these days.  I felt the need to explain.

See, the thing is, I’ve been cheating on you with Facebook Business Page.  There, I said it.  I’m sorry, but FB is just easy, you know?

Please forgive me. Etc.

And then of course there is the “I’ve been busy” excuse … well I have … and then there was my birthday and then and … sigh …

See you soon.

Your ever-loving-very-sorry-for-neglecting-you Photographer xx

I have been shooting weddings professionally now for the last 9 years.  I love weddings.  Everything about them still excites me and I love my clients that I get to work with.

I also love shooting portraits … families, babies, people with their pets, pets on their own, children, teenagers, boudoir, engagements … you name it, I love shooting it.  Over the years I have been very fortunate to have been chosen my so many families to record their memories … with such an abundance of photographers out there, along with the current technology that means everyone with a camera is a photographer (LOL) I do feel awfully chuffed to be the one they choose.

However, the portraits side of my business has always been a bit of a tag-on to the wedding business.  It’s not that I haven’t taken taking the photos seriously, but if I’m completely honest, I haven’t really taken the business seriously.  I don’t actively market portraits, I just take them as they come along.

I enjoy them so much I want to do more of them.  End of.

So after a small straw poll with some of my clients, I came to the conclusion that if a bride (or groom) is looking for a wedding photographer, they want to see photos of wedding, brides, details … they don’t necessarily want to see photos of babies !  It made sense, therefore, to split the websites out.  The domain name I wanted for the portrait site was available, so I snapped it up right away !  It is live but there is no content currently.  This was to be a winter project but I seem to have jumped the gun a little too early (I didn’t want to lose the domain!) … in the meantime you can still view my portrait work on my wedding site and as soon as it is all split out properly I will let you know to go check the new site … it’s in case you want to keep tabs !

There will be new pricing, some really fab products, lovely photos I have taken and very likely never shown, some old favourites and of course new stuff from this year !

Gill xx

This past weekend found me doing something I haven’t done since I was a very young girl … ok, 18 and 21 years young !!  Back then I toured France twice with my friends, on motorbikes.  We took our time and saw many wonderful places.  I always wanted to have a chance to do it again, but without the camping and in a car.

So I was shooting a wedding in the south of France last Saturday and after looking at the abysmal options for flights (hand luggage allowances etc) I decided to drive and take a couple of extra days to do it in time and to get back to the office afterwards.

John decided he’d rather like to come along, so I had the added “stress” of finding somewhere I would trust to leave my dogs for a few days … eeeeek … after many recommendations for the same place (Quintessential Quarters) in they went and off we went.  It was a lovely drive down, I decided to drive the whole way, I enjoyed it that much.  I really got on well driving on the right and, apart from that illegal U-Turn in Paris that we will never speak of again, I was practically native by the time I reached Calais on the way home.

I decided to keep the professional photos for the Saturday wedding and to take some iPhone photos of the trip instead … here are a few …

So this was the trip according to Google maps … daunting at best …

Leaving Dover …

I didn’t lift a camera again until I got to the wedding … this was the ceremony in the 13th Century Church in the stunningly pretty village of Bram …

So, on the way back home, we stopped in the gorgeous City of Orleans … naturally I had to stop in and check out this church on route to our walk along the River Loire and to the pub, of course …

Orleans …

In no time at all, we were back in Calais … time flew, as did the driving … all 1900 miles in the end … Au Revoir France !

We were back too late in the evening to pick up my babies … this photo of Tess and Daddy says it all when we picked them up the next morning …

I think Millie is also glad to be home …

Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you liked my journey … naturally I shall be blogging the wedding but in the meantime here is a sneak peek, taken on the banks of the canal just behind Dad’s house in Bram …

French Wedding Photography

I get enquiries for dates I am already booked all the time.  Of course I hear you say.  Rather than just go back and say, sorry I’m booked, I like to check within my professional network to see if I can at least go back with some recommendations, specifically with recommendations of photographers who are available.

I got a rather panicky email from a bride (and separately the groom, within minutes of each other) today and so I did my usual.

I got this from the bride, who wanted to give me a testimonial !!!

Absolutely delighted, thank you Alex, this is lovely.

“This wonderful woman went above and beyond the call of duty when I had my photographer cancel on me with a few months to go before my big bank holiday weekend wedding. I was obviously in a blind panic due to the fact it had taken me four months to find the first one but, there was Gill Taylor. Although she was already booked for that day herself, she responded to my email within seconds, had called me within minutes and had sent a list of recommendations within half an hour – Proof that this lady I have never met has what it takes to be a wedding photographer. Not only are her photos really very pretty, she is kind, conscientious, diligent and organised and has a marvellous knack for de-stressing bridezillas in their moments of madness. I’m just peeved I didn’t go to her first.”

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

I am thrilled to be able to show you the latest edition of the newly revamped Staffordshire Bride magazine … I got the cover !

Dont forget to pop out and get your copy … they hit the shelves today … congrats also to my lovely bride Claire … you can check out her engagement shoot and wedding here too !

Here it is … thrilled …

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

Dear Blog …

I have been deserting you, I know.  Now, I have a million excuses, I really do, but the long and short of it is, I breathed life into you then left you abandoned, alone and empty (ok, bit of drama never hurt anyone).

I will totally make this up to you.  This summer was manic, in a great way.  I have had the pleasure of shooting some amazing people, whether at their wedding, their engagement session, with their families, the odd commercial shoot (not so keen on those, to be honest) … the list is endless … what’s that I hear you say?  You wouldn’t know cos you’ve not seen them?  I know, I know … they’re coming, I’m sorry.

So what HAVE I been up to … well, apart from the above mentioned shooting spree (that always sounds a bit wrong, doesn’t it?) I’ve been managing a house project that was in planning for a few years (boy, they don’t warn you how much of your time THAT will suck !!) and, well, I’ve had a bit of a medical drama these last few weeks … nothing that can happen again (you really do only have 1 set of appendix) but oh my goodness, knocked me sideways that one !  Then it was that annual event called “Birthday” … trying to ignore those these days … Oh and the annual trip to the National Wedding Show, 4 days of intensity, fun and meeting new people.

Apart from that, I have no excuse.  MUST.TRY.HARDER.  And I will … I’ll feed you soon, I promise.

Thanks for hanging around and staying alive !!

Your photographer, Gill x

AND TO MY AVID READERS … thank for hanging in there … I’ll make it up to you !!

Well, I finally made it onto a list !  OK, so I don’t actually try to do this but hey, someone liked my tweets, and my blog, enough to list me in the Top 100 Blogs for Wedding Suppliers in the UK !  Cool, or what !

The list is topped off by the 3 wedding super-bloggers, hardly surprising!!  There is a mix of all sorts of wedding suppliers and little old me came in at number 31 … if I had scraped in, trust me, you would never have known about it hahaha

Here’s the link … clients, please ignore all the other photographers on there and keep coming back here LOL

I guess I should start blogging more to try and creep up the list, eh?

Top 100 wedding blogger

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