I’m shooting this lovely couple on Friday … here’s hoping the weather stays lovely too xx

As a dog lover myself, I often encourage clients to bring their dogs on their engagement shoots or portrait sessions.  They are so much a part of the family, it just seems right to have them along.  And so this was the case when I met up with Adrienne and David for their shoot at Shugborough Estate (you all KNOW how much I love that place !!) … they are now married and so their lovely wedding photos will be featured here very soon … enjoy !

Staffordshire Portrait Photographer

Actually, I am so far behind on blog posts, they are married … but I really enjoyed this engagement session up at Shugborough Hall … as many of you know, my favourite place to shoot portraits … I am constantly finding new locations in the spacious grounds, as well as using some favourite locations too !

Yes, that is an actual, honest to goodness, tilt-shift lens … and if you think Melissa looks gorgeous in these, just wait for the wedding photos !!

Enjoy, and thanks for looking 🙂

Stafford Portrait Photographer

I often get enquiries for an engagement shoot for a couple who are not getting married in this country.  This was the case with Deborah and Kendrick, both living and working in London but getting married in Hong Kong in a few days time.

The shoot was to happen in London, so we made our route plans and met up ready for our adventure through some well known sights … Deborah wore a Vera Wang for the shoot with Kendrick choosing Hugo for his suit of choice.  We had a blast driving all over London and stopping off at various locations … we only got moved on by the mighty Met Police once (pretty funny and he was so nice … I think the Vera had something to do with that LOL).

Here is a small selection from the day … huge congrats to you both, guys, I hope it all goes really well for you this weekend in HK !!

London Engagement Portrait Photographer

Many of my clients live quite far from me and on occasion we have never actually met in person by the time they book.  This is another reason I love shooting engagement sessions, they’re a really good opportunity to not only take some portraits, but to start to get to know each other before the wedding.

I travelled to London for the day recently for 2 sessions and a meeting with another client, all 3 of whom I hadn’t met, so it was a great day out !

Richard proposed to Ailsa on the steps of St Pauls … one of my favourite locations in London, so that’s where we hung out for most of the session.  Of course, a trip across the Millenium Bridge had to be done !!  Ailsa was presented with a Cartier box, so you can imagine she spent a lot of time looking at the word on the box before Richard had to ask “so, do you like the ring, then” LOL

We had a real mixed bag of weather on the day, between showers, dark moody skies, then glorious sunshine, we certainly knew we were in London in summer !!

So, a few faves from the session … they are now married and so the wedding photos will follow … enjoy !

London Portrait Photography

Emma and Paul are getting married soon at Chatsworth House, a rather stunning stately home nestled in the beautiful Peak District … by all accounts, and knowing these 2 as I do, this will certainly be a bling affair … personally, I’m looking forward to my first ever ride in a golf cart, but then I’m a bit odd LOL

It was really great to meet up with them at my absolute favourite location in Staffordshire, Shugborough Hall … I know, you’re all probably getting sick of it, but whilst there are definitely locations I use every time, because they’re yummy, there are also loads more locations even I haven’t discovered yet … so we went exploring to find some, and of course, being Summer, we found some amazgin colour and foliage as well. Happy photographer.

So, say hi to Emma and Paul … looking forward to seeing you both soon !

Stafford Portrait Photographer

Connie and Raymond are getting married next month in Liverpool, but they both live in London, so of course I used that lovely excuse to head down on the train for the day and shoot them in and around some of the sights … like I need an excuse to head to London !  The guys got all dressed up for the shoot and looked fabby, making my job just that little bit easier … thanks guys !!  It’s funny, but even thought they live in London, there were some of the sights they hadn’t been to before, so I felt like a bit of a tour guide … I think it was quite possibly the warmest day since records began and being in Central London didn’t help, but we stayed refreshed with stops at The Tate restaurant and a funky little bistro opposite The Ritz … well, I did say we were all over the place, right?

Just 3 teasers from the shoot … enjoy !

London Portrait Photoographer

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