What a year it’s been so far, huh.  I can’t remember a year in my entire life where we lost so much talent.  There has been so much hate, so many atrocities and so much death. And dont get me started on the weather, not just in the UK but the whole world’s weather is a bit ‘off’.

We voted to leave Europe and the sky didn’t fall in, thankfully.

And Cheryl got a chihuaha … you’re welcome.

So, what’s been happening here, you ask (ok you didn’t, shut up).

JT has finished his latest contract and has decided to take a bit of time off.  Which means, because I’m still not working, he’s under my bloody feet all day.  Love him, but OMG, get a job haha.

I’m still not working.  I’m recovering, but it’s taking a while.  I have every intention of getting back to portraits and dog photography (ok maybe even the odd cat), so in the meantime I have been keeping my Facebook business page up to date so I don’t lose my audience.  That shit takes so long to recover. Thanks for your loyalty, you know who you all are x

Let me know if you would be interested in family shoots, with great prices while I ramp up my portfolio again with fresh work.  Email me !

The girls are doing great.  We just had Tess’s anniversary to get through and, as I suspected, it was hard going.  We miss her beautiful face every day.  Millie is turning white now, she’ll be 7 at Christmas.  Elsie is still Baba and always will be. Mostly because she still acts like a puppy.  Hard to believe she will be 3 in September !!

I’ve also been adding somewhat to my tattoo collection. And I covered one that was a terrible mistake.  I am now rocking a beautiful foot tattoo instead of the stupid “friend” one.  Sheesh.  What was I thinking !  Thanks to Melissa at Vivid Ink in Stafford for some of my work, and latterly to Kevin Paul (that bloke off the TV) for my cover and upper sleeve.  Such lovely people, that tattoo bunch 🙂

Well, I did it, I posted on my blog.  I’m hoping it will be regular, but I’m not sure the format will be the same.  i won’t be posting millions of photos, but I will probably be musing and posting the odd one here and there.

Have a fabulous Sunday.

Love, Gill x

Long time followers of my blogs will know we had our first dog, a beagle, Tess in 2008. She turns 7 next month and is our whole world. She taught us everything we needed to know about beagles. Then she taught every beagle we own, fostered and boarded every trick in the book. She is the Don of The Beagle Mafia. 

And she is very very sick. 

She was diagnosed with severe stomach / gastro issues at a very young age. She was then diagnosed with pancreatitis about 4 years ago. She has had 2 bouts, both of which she beat. 

We changed vet when we simply had too many animals to run up and down to our old vet, a 1.5 hour round trip, and he literally saved her life, twice. 

Unfortunately this bout is incredibly dangerous and aggressive. Our girl is really struggling. She’s a fighter but we have been told that her recovery is not guaranteed. 

JT and I are like zombies. We’re literally unable to focus. We both have headaches and heart aches. We want her home, with a waggly tail. We want her to fight, because she’s too young to leave us and her many fans just yet. 

We have had messages, paws in the circle, high five paws, prayers and even prayers to the doggy gods from those who don’t pray. We are so grateful for every single thing. We love you all. 

 Here’s my girl this morning. 

If you could spare a thought, she would really appreciate it 🐶

Gunner is quite possibly the single most famous beagle I know.  He is quite the character and has taught many others his unique Beagle Speak.  (Check out The Beagle Mafia on Facebook so you can check it out for yourself!)

Gunner loves getting dressed up and posing for his mummy, Zoe’s, Facebook photos.  He is also incredibly wise and witty, a delicate balance.

He has been suffering with corneal endothelial for a few years now.  His treatment until recently has helped, but there came a time when Zoe decided enough was enough.  It was apparent he was in pain and it was time to remove the bad eye.  Thankfully just the one !

Zoe contacted me and asked if I would do a shoot just before his operation.  I was thrilled to be chosen to photograph this special boy.  We arranged to meet at Shugborough (as you know my favourite location studio) and after a good catch up over cups of tea, we got going.  Gunner did not disappoint, posing beautifully for us.

We will be doing a follow up shoot when his now-removed eye scar heals.  Watch out for that soon.

In the meantime, here is a favourite of mine.  Enjoy x


Well, here we are in 2013 … and here we are almost at EASTER !

As always I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone.  All I do know is it has gone fast.  Very fast.  As I sit here responding to emails, arranging shoots, following up enquiries for various jobs, eating soup (pea and ham to be precise) I just thought I’d say hi.  And to let you all know the recent (horrible) flu bug didn’t kill me after all.  Just in case you’re on facebook and wondered, etc.

I’ve already kicked off my 2013 wedding season with a beautiful wedding in York … the season continues tomorrow at a local venue, including a church ceremony and some fun portraits in the evening … oh and potentially snow, again !!  I have some beautiful weddings again this year at great venues, I promise I will play catchup here and let you see some stuff.

I’ve also had some lovely portrait shoots.  There are loads more booked in over the coming weeks and I can’t wait to share those with you … from couples to babies to families, so much variety !  My studio (haha) Shugborough opens this weekend and I shall, once again, be using it’s many backdrops to my advantage over the coming months.

Following a fabulous workshop down in Bristol recently, I am now taking on Newborn Photography … as in, first 10 days kinda thing, totally cute, scrummy hats and blankets at the ready … know anyone due soon?  Get them to give me a bell for some incredible “opening” offers !

I’m thinking about rebranding too.  I know, I love love love my brand, I really do.  Unfortunately many people in the industry loved it so much they decided to do it for their businesses, which has kinda diluted mine (and theirs, oh well) … so rather than try to go round and slap people in the shins for copying me, I thought I’d do the better thing and change mine.  Sigh.  Still, onwards and upwards … this may take a while, it’s going to be like tearing off a plaster you’re actually rather attached to (in more ways than one).

So, leave me a comment, say hi, whatever.  Let me know what you want to see … weddings?  portraits?  all the above?  You know, I have about 65 shoots to share with you … maybe more !!!!

Take care xx

I have been shooting weddings professionally now for the last 9 years.  I love weddings.  Everything about them still excites me and I love my clients that I get to work with.

I also love shooting portraits … families, babies, people with their pets, pets on their own, children, teenagers, boudoir, engagements … you name it, I love shooting it.  Over the years I have been very fortunate to have been chosen my so many families to record their memories … with such an abundance of photographers out there, along with the current technology that means everyone with a camera is a photographer (LOL) I do feel awfully chuffed to be the one they choose.

However, the portraits side of my business has always been a bit of a tag-on to the wedding business.  It’s not that I haven’t taken taking the photos seriously, but if I’m completely honest, I haven’t really taken the business seriously.  I don’t actively market portraits, I just take them as they come along.

I enjoy them so much I want to do more of them.  End of.

So after a small straw poll with some of my clients, I came to the conclusion that if a bride (or groom) is looking for a wedding photographer, they want to see photos of wedding, brides, details … they don’t necessarily want to see photos of babies !  It made sense, therefore, to split the websites out.  The domain name I wanted for the portrait site was available, so I snapped it up right away !  It is live but there is no content currently.  This was to be a winter project but I seem to have jumped the gun a little too early (I didn’t want to lose the domain!) … in the meantime you can still view my portrait work on my wedding site and as soon as it is all split out properly I will let you know to go check the new site … it’s gilltaylorportraits.co.uk in case you want to keep tabs !

There will be new pricing, some really fab products, lovely photos I have taken and very likely never shown, some old favourites and of course new stuff from this year !

Gill xx

I recently had the absolute pleasure of travelling to one of my ex brides and grooms to shoot their little bundle of 11 day old joy, Mollie … what an adorable, happy, contented little human being …

We decided to risk the naked baby shot … minutes later, there was, in fact, pee … on daddy I might add !

So cute, am sure you will agree xx

Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn Baby Photographer

As a dog lover myself, I often encourage clients to bring their dogs on their engagement shoots or portrait sessions.  They are so much a part of the family, it just seems right to have them along.  And so this was the case when I met up with Adrienne and David for their shoot at Shugborough Estate (you all KNOW how much I love that place !!) … they are now married and so their lovely wedding photos will be featured here very soon … enjoy !

Staffordshire Portrait Photographer

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