My blog posts are like buses these days … nothing for ages then loads at once LOL

I often get asked “what would happen if you are ill / injured / otherwise unfit on our wedding day” … my answer is an easy one … I have a network of professional photographers I can call on, simple. This network goes both ways and so it was that I got asked to shoot a wedding for another photographer in February this year. Damian Brown is based in Birmingham and found himself in a situation where he simply couldn’t shoot this wedding … Damian’s beloved grandfather had passed away and the funeral was to take place on the same day … so he called and asked me.

This was a first for me in a few ways … the wedding was a Jehovah’s Witness ceremony and so I very quickly had to brush up on protocols, including wearing a skirt to the Kingdom Hall … I had to buy one (yes, I do live in jeans it appears !). The ceremony was beautiful and it stayed dry for us for the day, including no snow that had been threatened. The couple wanted a very relazed coverage of their day, but were up for a little bit of posing before heading in for their meal. The speeches were probably some of the most emotional I have ever seen, with tears of joy and emotion in equal measures. Their first dance was romantic and you could really tell these guys are so in love. And I got to feed my obsession with shoes, so all in all a great day.

And so, a few favourites from the day …

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