Emma and Paul are getting married soon at Chatsworth House, a rather stunning stately home nestled in the beautiful Peak District … by all accounts, and knowing these 2 as I do, this will certainly be a bling affair … personally, I’m looking forward to my first ever ride in a golf cart, but then I’m a bit odd LOL

It was really great to meet up with them at my absolute favourite location in Staffordshire, Shugborough Hall … I know, you’re all probably getting sick of it, but whilst there are definitely locations I use every time, because they’re yummy, there are also loads more locations even I haven’t discovered yet … so we went exploring to find some, and of course, being Summer, we found some amazgin colour and foliage as well. Happy photographer.

So, say hi to Emma and Paul … looking forward to seeing you both soon !

Stafford Portrait Photographer

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