Gunner is quite possibly the single most famous beagle I know.  He is quite the character and has taught many others his unique Beagle Speak.  (Check out The Beagle Mafia on Facebook so you can check it out for yourself!)

Gunner loves getting dressed up and posing for his mummy, Zoe’s, Facebook photos.  He is also incredibly wise and witty, a delicate balance.

He has been suffering with corneal endothelial for a few years now.  His treatment until recently has helped, but there came a time when Zoe decided enough was enough.  It was apparent he was in pain and it was time to remove the bad eye.  Thankfully just the one !

Zoe contacted me and asked if I would do a shoot just before his operation.  I was thrilled to be chosen to photograph this special boy.  We arranged to meet at Shugborough (as you know my favourite location studio) and after a good catch up over cups of tea, we got going.  Gunner did not disappoint, posing beautifully for us.

We will be doing a follow up shoot when his now-removed eye scar heals.  Watch out for that soon.

In the meantime, here is a favourite of mine.  Enjoy x


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