Where to start.

It’s been a funny old few years.  I’ve taken some much needed time out from the business, and yes I will get onto that in upcoming posts.  I’ve added another pooch to the family.  I’ve fostered many beagles for Beagle Welfare.  We bought, used and sold a touring caravan, then bought and still have a static.  And yes, this does include old-people-fluffy slippers.  JT has just finished a long term contract and has started another one.  So, in the main, we’ve just been kinda ticking along.  Ticking along and living with depression.  More will follow on that.

I have decided that I am no longer going to shoot weddings.  TBH as much as I absolutely adore them, and get a real buzz on the day, there seemed to be a shift in client expectations over recent years, and not in a good way.  I’ve had some truly shit experiences.  Did I consider hanging up the cameras altogether?  Yes, absolutely.  But here I am.  My good friend Paul retrieved my blog from an archived server in the States, installed it in the UK and I’m back.  There are going to be changes, mostly because change is good for the soul.  The biggest shift you will see is a shift to portraits, portrait pricing, etc, with no wedding information.  I’m planning on properly resurrecting the business over the next couple of months, so I will be advertising for willing victims very soon. I will be focusing on short, on-location, shoots with families and family pets, as well as babies.

The other shift you will see is that I am going to be a proper blogger.  Rather like this post, I will be writing articles on any given subject that is relevant to me.  I’m hoping to gather some regular readers and I hope you enjoy dropping in.

That all said I think it is only fair that the lovely brides I’ve worked with deserve to have their wedding featured, so I will be sharing a small number of photos from each one on occasions.

Oh, did I mention I bought a T5 campervan?  I know, it’s ace.  And it’s called Cilla.

So for now, dear reader, I’ll head off and walk some dogs, clear the cobwebs and up my steps on my fitbit.

All images Copyright 2020 Gill Taylor Photographer ... please don’t steal them, it’s not nice !