I have been shooting weddings professionally now for the last 9 years.  I love weddings.  Everything about them still excites me and I love my clients that I get to work with.

I also love shooting portraits … families, babies, people with their pets, pets on their own, children, teenagers, boudoir, engagements … you name it, I love shooting it.  Over the years I have been very fortunate to have been chosen my so many families to record their memories … with such an abundance of photographers out there, along with the current technology that means everyone with a camera is a photographer (LOL) I do feel awfully chuffed to be the one they choose.

However, the portraits side of my business has always been a bit of a tag-on to the wedding business.  It’s not that I haven’t taken taking the photos seriously, but if I’m completely honest, I haven’t really taken the business seriously.  I don’t actively market portraits, I just take them as they come along.

I enjoy them so much I want to do more of them.  End of.

So after a small straw poll with some of my clients, I came to the conclusion that if a bride (or groom) is looking for a wedding photographer, they want to see photos of wedding, brides, details … they don’t necessarily want to see photos of babies !  It made sense, therefore, to split the websites out.  The domain name I wanted for the portrait site was available, so I snapped it up right away !  It is live but there is no content currently.  This was to be a winter project but I seem to have jumped the gun a little too early (I didn’t want to lose the domain!) … in the meantime you can still view my portrait work on my wedding site and as soon as it is all split out properly I will let you know to go check the new site … it’s gilltaylorportraits.co.uk in case you want to keep tabs !

There will be new pricing, some really fab products, lovely photos I have taken and very likely never shown, some old favourites and of course new stuff from this year !

Gill xx

All images Copyright 2020 Gill Taylor Photographer ... please don’t steal them, it’s not nice !