23 April 2010

As with any industry or job, we all need a little boost, or proverbial “kick”, to keep us on our toes and giving of our best at all times. So when I was invited to attend a seminar by the UK’s leading wedding photographer Jeff Ascough, I jumped at the chance and headed to Watford to hear what he had to say.

To say I was not dissapointed would not begin to cover it. His philosophies, his business insights, thought-provoking questions, marketing advice and of course his wonderful imagery, left us all feeling inspired and ready to come back into our own businesses and implement !!

Presenting at these seminars is full on and exhausting … enough to put many a speaker off repeating the experience … however, Jeff is considering another round of seminars and I would seriously urge you to not hesitate when hitting that booking form, this is not something to be missed if you are serious about improving your business in any way, shape or form.

I had a lot of fun catching up with some friends who also attended … I also had some time to shoot a couple of simple portraits in the bar (I know, I never stop !!).

Kevin Mullins …

Josh Archer …

As an added bonus, Jeff had invited along another leading light in the photography industry, Edmond Terakopian, winner of countless press photography awards. Ed added some humour, as well as some incredible sadness through his images of war-torn regions, countries recovering from devastating catastrophes and one particular event which happened much closer to home, the 2005 London Bombings. As some of you may remember, I shot a wedding at Christmas for a client who had been there that day (Paul Dadge) and had ended up on the cover of Time Magazine … I had not realised at that time that Ed was the photographer responsible for that iconic image until it came up on his slideshow. It truly is a small world at times.

Photo: © Edmond Terakopian www.pix.org.uk

Oh, I almost forgot, I also got to hang with my good friend Peter Prior who made the trip up from dan sath … and a final shout out to Helen at Snapperstuff for my new camera bag which I will be reviewing once I use it this weekend !

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