I have to admit to being mentally drained with everything that’s currently going on. JT and I spent many long weekends away in Nice. We love that city. We know that city. The people, the bars and restaurants, the flower market, the harbour in the old town, travelling from the train station to Monaco and Cannes. 

The terrorist attack that happened was a bit too close to our hearts for comfort. 

I almost lost it last night when the military coup happened in turkey last night. Again, one of our favourite countries. 

So what the hell is going on, dear reader. Because I don’t know. What I do know, or suspect, is that the evil among us aren’t finished. A good friend of mine stated that she wouldn’t now bring her children to any organised event. Whilst she recognised that meant terror had won, she said it just wasn’t worth the risk. 

It’s sad. It’s not exactly the best era I’ve lived through (and that’s saying something, considering my background). 

One can only hope our collective governments grow some balls and fight fire with fire. Because enough innocents have lost their lives in the name of a ‘god’. 

Sorry for the rather depressing post. Here’s a photo of Elsie looking like a gimp. 

Love and laughter, Gill

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