25 June 2010

My final engagement session from last weekend was actually up in Gloucestershire, at Cowley Manor, where Andrew had proposed to Rosie. It is a stunning venue with glorious grounds, beautiful vistas, a couple of lakes and a waterall (Andrew proposed at the top of this … how romantic). As with all my brides I was again admiring Rosie’s ring and asked Andrew if he had it made … the reply has me chuckling to this day … “oh no, it’s just a Tiffany’s ring!” LOL. Andrew and Rosie are getting married in August at Alrewas Hayes, another of my fave venues … with a couple of hundred guests it should be a good blast !

A few from the shoot … as always, I hope you enjoy them …

Vintage Portrait Photography

23 June 2010

My second London shoot was with Kirsty & Richard who are getting married in August in Bath … this time, I asked my friend Chanelle Segerius-Bruce to come along for some shooting and lunch (it’s always great to catch up with my photographer friends when I am down that way !) … Richard is a designer and Kirsty is an art teacher, so as creatives they were up for something in and around the sights and maybe a museum or two. The particular Saturday we chose was the same day as the Queen’s changing of the Guard at the Palace, so we were a little restricted in terms of places to shoot, but again we opted for St Pauls, Millenium, a FAB lunch at The Tate with a little shooting there too, then back to Mayfair and Tiffany’s this time (my favourite window-shopping store LOL).

A few for you … enjoy !

London Engagement Photographer

19 June 2010

Last weekend, I lined up a few engagement sessions with upcoming brides and grooms … Friday night found me in and around the sights with Faye & Richard who are getting married in November at Somerford Hall. I asked my good friend and fellow photographer, Sanjay Jogia of EyeJogia Photography to come out and join me, so there were 2 of us on the shoot, much to my clients’ delight … it was so much fun ! We started off at St Paul’s before mooching across the Millenium Bridge, over to the London Eye then back across to The Ritz, not far from where I was staying in Mayfair (my fave part of London).

As always, a few from the shoot … enjoy !

London Portrait Photographer

17 June 2010

Alison and Nick decided very last minute that they wanted their precious day captured professionally, so they literally booked me within a month of the wedding … and I am so glad they did ! The wedding was held at the stunning Weston Park (where the V Festival is held) … a grand stately home nestled in beautiful countryside. The weather, on the other hand, was anything BUT stunning, with showers throughout the day … but we didn’t let a little water ruin the festivities.

Because everything was held in the same place, from preparations through to the dancing in the evening, I was able to get soem groom preparations as well as the usual bridals. Nick was a little nervous but Alison was in fine spirits with her girlfriends, laughing and giggling all morning. Her dress was a beautiful creation from Ian Stuart Bridals, with a cake to match ! There was fun and laughter throughout the day, a magician, lots of romance and of course hilarious speeches with 2 best men bantering back and forth as they duly roasted Nick.

And so, a few favourites from the day … enjoy !

Weston Park Wedding Photographer

15 June 2010

I recently had the pleasure of joining Carolyn, Adam and their friends and family to celebrate their marriage at St Mary’s in Stafford, followed by a reception at the popular Moat House in Acton Trussell … they both currently live in Germany, so planning a wedding here proved tricky, with red tape to boot ! But they got it all together and off we went … Carolyn is American, so lots of family and friends had travelled from afar for the celebrations. There were bears, kilts, flags, gorgeous details, romantic moments and lots of fun and laughter through the day. Carolyn added a couple of American traditions including a maid of honor speech, cake smash, daddy-daughter dance and a garter toss … such fun !

A few from the day …

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

11 June 2010

Last weekend found me yet again at the beautiful Stafford Castle … ok, it’s ruins, but the stonework is amazing and the surrounding grounds and stunning vistas totally make up for that !

Jemma and Ben brought Ralph along for the shoot … their little puppy Cockerpoo (that’s a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle to you and me) and what a cutie. He was so good for the camera and when not in the limelight was more than happy to laze around, tied to my camera bag and eating any grass he could find !!

With the wedding not far off I was keen to get some details from Jemma about her dress and hair … so we sent Ben off at the end of the shoot so we could chat in private … trust me, this is gonna be a killer wedding … wow, is all I can say.

And so, a few faves from their shoot … including Ralph of course …

Stafford Portrait and Pet Photographer

3 June 2010

I first met Sophie’s parents, Dave and Amanda, when they came to see me about their wedding photography … as with all my past wedding clients, they took me up on the offer of a complimentary baby shoot. I was excited to see them again and of course to see their new addition to the family, Sophie Rose. She is such a good baby, hardly a chirp the whole time, even though we were posing her all over the house ! Dave and Amanda could not stop grinning and cuddling her the whole time … and talk about a Daddy’s girl !!!

A few cuties from the shoot …

Nantwich baby photographer

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