We love Sundays here at Chez Taylor. Shite on Tv, Saturday Kitchen with James (for how much longer is anyone’s guess), cooked breakfast, lie-ins and doggy cuddles. 

We’re going to continue our mission to spring clean the house. Yes, I’m well aware it’s August. Shut up. 

We’ve made great progress so far clearing clutter and either selling things or donating. The sales have pretty much been funding my tattoo collection, which is coming along nicely. I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with Kevin Paul and his family recently. I do the photos, he does the ink. A good blend of talent. 

I have secretly wished I was talented enough to be a tattoo artist my whole life, because I grew up with a super talented (and quite famous) uncle, Johnny Venus. He used to draw tattoo designs on my etch-a-sketch back in the day!!!!! And he did my first tattoo. My mother was traumatised. I was 27 for goodness sake!!!

I’m really enjoying Instagram these days. If you are there come follow me for daily photos and some funny stuff. @gilltaylor69

So, have a great Sunday. Remember to smile. 

Love, Gill ❤️

So I finally did it. I finally braved the blonde. And I love it. I’ve wanted this look since I was 18 and in love with all things Roxette. 

Hope you like it too. 

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