I thought I’d share some of my hipstamatic photos with you … this is a really cool app on the iPhone that basically emulates old cameras, with a variety of lenses and effects (film styles) to choose from.  They’re fast, fun and uploadable to facebook or twitter, giving friends an immediate snapshot of what’s happening around you.  They’re not the best quality, they don’t need to be, they’re quirky and fun … a few recent shots …

Last year I treated myself to what can only be described as a vintage ornament !  It is expensive these days to shoot with medium format film but I love the styling of these twin lens reflex cameras, with their waist viewer and lovely leather cases.  This one was manufactured in the 1950’s and is a gorgeous example of the genre.  Whoever had this really looked after it.  You never know, I may venture out with a couple of rolls of film for a shoot in the summer months.

This was taken at my desk … I think it sums me up pretty well haha

My latest passion (reawakened from my youth) … my husband bought me a gorgeous Yamaha acoustic for Christmas and I have been playing til my fingers tingled every day since … I had completely forgotten how relaxing and satisfying it is to play (I use that term loosely, for now) an instrument.  I have so much to re-learn as I literally haven’t lifted one of these for going on 20 years now, but with determination and practice I’ll get there !

I got my pandora bracelet for my birthday (I have a very generous hubby) along with my little doggie charm, the cat charm and my birthstone … but honestly, these things look a little bit pants with only a couple of charms on … so Christmas was pretty easy for everyone this year, the brief being “buy me some charms!” … boy, did they step up to the plate with this one, everyone contributed and I now have a beautiful pandora with lots of shiny bling!

This rather random shot was taken out the front of my house, aimed at getting in the treetops and the blue of the sky … an hour later we had a fair old dump of snow and this view was completely different.

Just before Christmas we decided to head up to Liverpool to drop off a canvas to a client.  Basically, the couriers and delivery services before Christmas were a bit rubbish, so because the canvas was for a Christmas present, the only option was to hand deliver.  Hubs has family in Liverpool and we thought we might combine a visit, but the snow was too bad even for the 4×4 … still, the doggies enjoyed it !

Sometimes I will whip my iPhone out at a wedding and take some hipstamatics … like I say, it’s all fun, they would never make an album, but clients seem to enjoy the diversity and creativity, so why not !  The first was a best man at a wedding in October, the second two were wedding clients from December …

We finally made the trip to visit hubs’ family on Sunday, it was an absolutely beautiful day, cold but crisp and clear, so we first headed over to Blundellsands where hubs used to live and walked the dogs down by the sea … unfortunately the tide was in, so we couldn’t walk them on the beach (boo) but we watched fascinated as 2 experts flew kites in what was obviously prime conditions for it !  The first image is of a lovely new apartment block, I just love the styling, then the sea and finally those kites.

If you haven’t already got it, go to your app store and download the hipstamatic app today !  FUN with a capital F !

All images Copyright 2024 Gill Taylor Photographer ... please don’t steal them, it’s not nice !