OK, I’m going to have to fess up to this one being a Christmas 2010 wedding … the eagle eyed among you will likely spot the snow in the first image !  What can I say, I have a huge backlog but want to show them all …

Amanda and Daniel got married in the beautiful St Giles Church in Haughton, followed by a (naturally) Christmas themed wedding at Goldstone Hall, nestled in the lovely Shropshire countryside. Temperatures plummeted to around minus 15 but nothing could dampen the spirits of all who attended … besides, the venue had so many little fires and chimineas on the go, no-one stayed chilly for long.

The wedding featured, in no particular order, a pair of killer heels, a panerai watch, a Tiffany’s bracelet, an acapella rendition during the registry signing and a very romantic first dance … and so, a few from the day … enjoy !

Shropshire Wedding Photographer

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