What a great weekend we had. Elsie and I packed our bags and headed off in the Z to our little piece of Welsh heaven.  Whilst I never really saw myself owning a static caravan, I also never really saw myself having 3 dogs!  Once you get to this number, holidays abroad are pretty restrictive, mostly on cost. But also because I literally hate being away from my babies.  I’m not ashamed to admit, especially Elsie Baba. The older girls have always been daddy’s girls, then Elsie came along and I had a mummy’s girl.  The others LOVE me, but Elsie is my soulmate. 

So we bought a touring caravan. We thought it would be nice to travel around with the dogs and see some nice places.  What actually happened was that the dogs took a day or so to settle, rendering short trips impossible, or at least very stressful.  So we sited it on our favourite site, Erwbarfe Farm, nr Aberystwyth (my absolute favourite town, anywhere) and rather enjoyed escaping for short breaks, with the girls more familiar and settling quickly.  It helped that so many caravan owners were friendly and many had dogs, too. 

As with so many static owners who had upgraded from a tourer, it was only a matter of time before we also took that step.  And we’ve never been happier. 

But enough about that for now (believe me, I will be boring you shitless with befores and afters!), back to the weekend just gone. 

So we arrived late Friday and quickly got set up then out for a good stomp. It’s a 2.5 hour journey and Elsie isn’t a fan of car travel.  She endures it because she loves being with me. Bless.  As usual, we didn’t have a plan, we just wanted to walk and walk and chill and meet old and new human and doggie friends.  And let’s not forget the Silence of the Rams 😳

Here are a few photos for you. Hope you like x

{Just before she found some juicy sheep poop. And ate it.}

{The glorious view, and peace.}


{The Rams were not happy.}


{Not. Happy. At. All. }

{Unphased, we chilled on our patio.}


{Before retiring to our caravan to watch TV and practice our tricks. We need more practice.}


Til next time xx

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