Any of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know I am yet again off to the Emerald Isle for a few days … I get to spend the first few days with my good friend and amazing photographer, Andrena, from LA … we’re gonna hang out, chill and sightsee, not necessarily in that order, before shooting a wedding next weekend in Ennis (in a castle, no less).  Exciting.

I’m also conscious that the blog is going to suffer, so I wanted to post something a little different and (ok, if I don’t say it maybe no-one else will) something a little awesome, to keep you going.

I am exhibiting at the National Wedding Show in October and, as always, I am getting a couple of new sample albums sorted … a new exclusive to me (exciting) Digital Art album is one of these … so of course I had to choose a couple of weddings and I thought Charlotte and Charle’s recent wedding would be a cool option for this one.

Choosing the front cover for a sample is critical, as it has to draw the viewer into the album itself.  I immediately thought of this shot of Charlotte …

It’s a fun shot and, as you can see, even straight out of camera, it’s pretty cook I think.  However, its just feels a little cluttered and busy, there’s a lot going on behind with the glass doors, handles, notices and so on … I needed this to look clean and uncluttered, I also wanted to go with a BW conversion … here is the result …

I think you’ll agree it looks much better, the focus is drawn into Charlotte rather than being caught up in the clutter behind her !  Pretty cool.

See you in a week or so … be good !

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