25 May 2010

Most of you will remember my friend and oft-time assistant / second shooter, Paul Glavin … he and his wife Cassandra are expecting their first child in July and were headed to the baby show at the NEC this weekend. It made sense to add in a stopover at Chez Taylor rather than have a pregant woman sit in the car for that length of time in one day ! We had a real laugh, watched a good movie (ok, I fell asleep midway !) and on Sunday morning I convinced Cas that she really should have a shoot to record her time with Doodle (don’t ask) before he or she comes along in a few short weeks. As you can see from the booties, they are mad fans of Winnie the Pooh (as am I) so it was fun incorporating him into the shoot … and so, a few from the session …

Stafford Maternity Photography

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