What a year it’s been so far, huh.  I can’t remember a year in my entire life where we lost so much talent.  There has been so much hate, so many atrocities and so much death. And dont get me started on the weather, not just in the UK but the whole world’s weather is a bit ‘off’.

We voted to leave Europe and the sky didn’t fall in, thankfully.

And Cheryl got a chihuaha … you’re welcome.

So, what’s been happening here, you ask (ok you didn’t, shut up).

JT has finished his latest contract and has decided to take a bit of time off.  Which means, because I’m still not working, he’s under my bloody feet all day.  Love him, but OMG, get a job haha.

I’m still not working.  I’m recovering, but it’s taking a while.  I have every intention of getting back to portraits and dog photography (ok maybe even the odd cat), so in the meantime I have been keeping my Facebook business page up to date so I don’t lose my audience.  That shit takes so long to recover. Thanks for your loyalty, you know who you all are x

Let me know if you would be interested in family shoots, with great prices while I ramp up my portfolio again with fresh work.  Email me !

The girls are doing great.  We just had Tess’s anniversary to get through and, as I suspected, it was hard going.  We miss her beautiful face every day.  Millie is turning white now, she’ll be 7 at Christmas.  Elsie is still Baba and always will be. Mostly because she still acts like a puppy.  Hard to believe she will be 3 in September !!

I’ve also been adding somewhat to my tattoo collection. And I covered one that was a terrible mistake.  I am now rocking a beautiful foot tattoo instead of the stupid “friend” one.  Sheesh.  What was I thinking !  Thanks to Melissa at Vivid Ink in Stafford for some of my work, and latterly to Kevin Paul (that bloke off the TV) for my cover and upper sleeve.  Such lovely people, that tattoo bunch 🙂

Well, I did it, I posted on my blog.  I’m hoping it will be regular, but I’m not sure the format will be the same.  i won’t be posting millions of photos, but I will probably be musing and posting the odd one here and there.

Have a fabulous Sunday.

Love, Gill x

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