Anyone who knows me well knows I am committed to and passionate about this industry.  What most people don’t know is that in a former life I was an IT trainer, something I loved doing.  So I thought it would be worth combining the two and offering workshops.  There are many options out there, but I realised in my research that something on speeding up workflow and getting organised to the point that you can either take on more work, or have a life, just wasn’t available.  I pride myself on my organisational skills (ok, some may call it obsessive compulsive haha) and I have spent the last few years really honing my post production skills, including my vintage look.

So, I pulled together a 2 day program, including a little bit of shooting.  The first workshop was held in Mayfair in London, at The Washington Mayfair, beautifully located around the corner from the Ritz.  My plan was to head to some of the sights around London, but alas, it did nothing but pour with rain … that said, what a perfect way to show how to cope with this eventuality at a real wedding !  I didn’t shoot as much as I thought, I honestly didn’t realise I could talk that much LOL … the models were amazing and looked great, were very patient while everyone got their chance to shoot a particular pose and everyone had a lot of fun.

I am planning another workshop in Stafford in a few months, dates to be confirmed, but if you are interested, drop me a line at

Special thanks to Suzy and Tarv, my wedding couple, Chanelle and Craig, my portrait couple (both photographers as well) and to Sanjay who was my support rock for the 2 days !!  Thanks to everyone who attended who made it such a special first venture for me !!

And so, as always, a few from the shoot, including some behind the scenes shots, courtesy of Shan Fisher.

Thanks again to you all, I had a blast and can’t wait to do it all again !

All images Copyright 2024 Gill Taylor Photographer ... please don’t steal them, it’s not nice !