I recently joined Natalie, Ric and their friends and family for their beautiful wedding in Prestbury.  We had gorgeous sunshine pretty much all day, which always adds to the happy mood for everyone !  We started with Natalie and all her girls in the morning at home, where Natalie was being preened to perfection.  Her vintage inspired dress had a lovely black velvet detailing around the middle, complete with sparkly brooch and matching hair clip.  All very pretty and dainty with a hint of bling !  Natalie was running a little late, her perogative of course, so we rushed off to meet up with Ric at the church to await her arrival.  The church in Prestbury is a stunning old building, with big gold chandaliers and stone floors, a dream for any photographer.  When Natalie arrived she practically sprinted down the aisle, much to the amusement of guests when it was mentioned during the speeches lol.  The reception was held at Adlington Hunting Lodge, a cute little venue with even cuter gardens, such fun !

And so, a few from the day … enjoy !

Prestbury Wedding Photography

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