13 January 2010

I am so excited ! I attend the SWPP Convention every year and it is a great way to network and meet other photographers … this year is extra special as Jerry Ghionis is a convention speaker ! My friend Melissa Tirado is also coming across from the US and hanging with me for a few days after the convention too, so a double whammy of excitement !!  For the first time ever I am attending the awards dinner on Sunday night, so the new killer heels will be getting an airing … watch out, dance floor, here I come LOL

So, a heads up to clients … I am out of the office from 14th to 19th and will only be available via email (iPhone). Photographers … if you are heading to London for the convention please say hi ! If you’re not attending, I’ll be posting some photos no doubt on twitter and facebook so watch out for the fun.

See you all on the other side … let’s hope this snow doesn’t hamper my travel plans !

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